by Eric Pachota



"Everything is fine" may be justified.
Maybe just in time.
Maybe I'll find out:
Why "adjust your cure."
Why "adjust within."
Maybe just in time.
Maybe I'll find out.
Maybe I'll find out.
Maybe next time I'll...
Maybe I'll find out.

Got her by the tail
Waiting: dificil.
Waiting just to say maybe I found out.
Why did you pretend?
God I'm such a pest.
Maybe something else.
Maybe I'll find out but I'm too slow.
I'm too close and I'm too slow.

I may be just a friend caught up in his head.
What if "lets pretend" could have lasted through my...
Maybe... just a friend running through his head, wanting to pretend. Wanting to pretend I'm being left outside of this.

Why I'm killing time waiting just to change.
Waiting for the day Mae B. I find out why you did pretend.
Why you're killing him.
Maybe... "thick and thin."
Maybe next time I...


released January 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Eric Pachota Michigan

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